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Review: The Bouncing Ball
Author: Shen
Added: 15/09/2002

This game is quite good and original, but it is verybuggy. You have to place blocks and obstacles around the arena in order to make the ball collect treasure and reach the exit.

The graphics are mostly library graphics, which don't look too great. The music is Tigerworks's least favourite midi, Dreamer beat, and I think that's all the music there is. The title screen consists of a 3d prerendered background, with some red strings dotted around the place. No title, no credits. An improved title screen and some more music would be nice.

The gameplay is a nice idea, but suffers from a few major and minor glitches. It took me a while to get to grips with the selecting, which I still think is kinda bad. I found the mouse movement quite annoying, it's not that hard to set it to XMouse and YMouse. Also, this means you can press the wrong button by mistake, I often click Quit instead of Reset. Also, you can carry on selecting things and placing things after you've got the ball rolling - the ball still bounces off the blocks even when the mouse is moving them. This can be fixed by sorting the events into groups and de/activating them when needed.

There is only 9 levels, and while some of them are quite hard, there's not much that made me want to play this again, so only 5 for lastability. Try fixing the bugs, making your own graphics, and fixing the bugs.


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