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Review: HoogHaar XL preview
Author: Mark
Added: 31/08/2002

Very good game, great gameplay, graphics, and the sound suits the game perfectly. The first Klik game I have really enjoyed since Dexter's Quest-if you havn't already, download this now!

The demo may only be 16 levels long, but each one is a joy to play. It is pretty easy as well, and the fact that it uses the TGF platform engine to move doesnt help, as you can use the good old invisble ladders at the side of the screen to get to the top. Don't let this put you off though, this is a quality game.

I just hope you finish this (In both contexts, the author and players) it is very very VERY fun.

~Downloads HH Beer from site for more HoogHaar~

More fun than: Eternal Daughter
Less fun than: Christmas Day


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