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Review: The Shocking Adventures Of Mayor Randall Winston -
Author: Canazza
Added: 24/08/2002

I must say, that X guy is kinda harsh. This isn't the 'all crap' game he said it was.
Granted, it has its faults but it also has a certain ammount of charm. Not much, but a bit.

As we all know, mayors wander around gathering red bars of soap and chat to scantilly clad amazon women with giant spears, they also have to jump over bits of fire, and avoid nasty looking women (probably amazon women he's humped and dumped)

What strikes me at first about this game is the crudeness of the graphics. However, you may cry, this is a retro-style game. Yes. i agree, but even the most basic games had some kind of animations and many remakes have slightly more polished graphics (personally, i always hated the graphics on old machines like the C64 and Spectrum). The Platform movement is rather over the top, although, most old platformers were. However, it's good enough.

There is also an amazing lack of sound on this game. No music, no samples when jumping/running, only the picking up of soap bars breaks the silence.

I must say, the gameplay is varied and sound. Each level gets progresivly harder, but not by much, and new traps are introduced every so often. But it must be said that this kind of gameplay won't ammuse you for long, and more often than not you will get rid of this faster than you downloaded it. I know i will. It's not that good, it's below average. I'm giving it a bit more than 1/10 because of it's retro-ness but i'm not giving it 4 because of it's crudeness.


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