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Review: The Adventures of Captain HeadWound!
Author: Crono
Added: 02/08/2002

The Adventures of Captain HeadWound!

Gameplay:The game was made using the normal platfrom engine so it was very buggy. Most of the platforms and bumps in them so you easily get stuck on stuff. Your character also has a board sticking out of his head which easily gets stuck on stuff. Theres only one kind of enemy in the game, which are these floating things that keep shooting 1 direction, which is VERY annoying. Sometimes theres a wave of them but they are far away so u can't hit them, and the wave is tall enough to make it so you can't jump over it. once you get past lvl 6 all the lvls are VERY HARD. the 9th lvl took me about 8 trys. That last lvl took me like 12. The boss attacks are an ass, well first he has these pellets that do like no damage, then he shoots 3 big balls that go through walls and do 1/3 of your life. The boss takes about 50 hits. The only possible way to beat him is if he start just moving staight up and down, and u stay under him and just keep shooting like hell it will do a lot of damage.

Presentation: The graphics were very bad, mostly every was made with either the line, circle, are square tool. Also the cutscenes were pretty bad, and the text sometimes goes off screen. Also everytime u type a password u gotta watch the cutscene over agian which is very annoying.

Lastabilty:If you play the whole thing its kinda long. Mostly do to the annoying hardness tho. But if you beat the game you gets some extras to play with, which i think all games should have. But they aren't very good extras tho

Overall:A ok game for a first orignal one, all the mistakes are pretty much ones almost everyone has made on their first games. It will help out if you read this useful article by Bakuchiku-san

So next time you make a game it won't be so hard that ppl playing it won't wanna kill themselves


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