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Review: Reflexus
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 30/07/2002

Reflexus, a simple mouse clicking game. I decided to download this because I like the sort of games which are score and time based. And after downloading it, I thought...hmm...not bad.

There are two main problems to Reflexus. Two very big problems which hinder the fun somewhat. First of all, its extremely hard to catch the flashing circles with the mouse; they flash far too quickly for my liking. Second major problem: when the circles do flash, they flash in only a slightly paler colour, which is very hard to see compared to the normal circle colour. It should have been made red or something. Another minor annoyance is the flashing text. "Press P To Pause!" it screamed at me flashingly. "No Thanks", I replied. There's little point in pausing the game, as its over in about 40 seconds or so. It's also a shame there wasn't an online score uploader, this game would have been perfect for it...if there was a set time limit rather than a maximum of 16 "flashes".

Well, its there. Just. Extremely little effort has been spent on the graphics or title page, or even the help.doc included, but Raphael has concentrated on gameplay. And for some reason, even though it is extremely irritating with the annoyances I described above, it is, admittedly, rather addictive.

The game lasts for about 40 odd seconds, but it will sit there, on your hard drive, screaming "PLAY ME! PLAY ME NOW! JUST ONE MORE!"

And you had better do what it says. Because it will bother your brain cells if you don't.

Overall, as a whole, its pretty average. Better graphics, more effort in presentation and a longer chance to hit the circles as they flash would improve this no end. Lets hope the author updates this.


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