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Review: Operation Crate Demo
Author: Ashman
Added: 26/07/2002

A game with crates that need a spot of pushing? This can't end well unless theres a bit of variety......oh wait. Theres not. Damn. Oh well on with the review.

Gameplay : This is where the game severely lacks.It is slow, glitchy and boring. An RPG square by square movement for the main character would make this game alot better as the rest of the game seems to work on this square movement.

Graphics : These are pretty good but not brilliant. Nothing special but passable.

Lastability : I don't enjoy playing this game and I have played it twice since I got it and I probably won't play it again.

Overall : Better graphics, rpg movement, more fun puzzles, and a title screen that doesn't take so damn long to start playing cos little red things get the words of the screen first, would make this game alright.


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