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Review: HeliumMan-X
Author: Georgie
Added: 16/07/2002

Helium man has to be one of the first trys at my favorite type of game, a Plane Shooter game.

It has great graphics and concepts. I was also "awed" by the presentation in 3dish graphics, which is what the game is also done in.

The only real problem I have with the game is that the voices were done really cruddy compared to everything else. His voice is in chipmunk because he's helium man, but he says the same 6 things over and over when you kill enemies. I wouldn't mind it that much if it wasn't for it being highpitched chimpmunk, also the fact that most of them sound monotoned as if a robot was reading them, but a robot wouldn't have to make dramatic pauses while talking through the sentences. COmmon, suck in some REAL helium and do those lines again .

The last thing to bother me is how I couldn't tell if I was actually damaging something. Everything you hit just makes the bullets puff up in smoke, even invunerable things. I didn't even think the boss was dying because he didn't glow when I hit him, my bullets just smoked when they hit the guy.

Great game but really only needs some better voice acting to make it better for me.


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