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Review: Mario's Nightmare v1.2
Author: DarrenMcLeod
Added: 13/07/2002

I know that this is supposed to be a "Detailed Review". I am predicting that this review will not be "Detailed", therefore, I apoligize. There just isn't too much in this game.

For this review, I'll basically sum up what happens in this game. The game starts off with a pretty plain title screen, and then goes to a ripped sprite from Super Mario RPG on a black screen. This mario sprite is poorly animated, and can only face left and right. There is no facing forwards nor backwards. Soon, 3D skulls will flood the screen. They look familiar to me, so they may very well be ripped, but since I'm not sure, I'm not going to say that they are ripped. The point is to avoid these skulls by moving a slow mario around on the screen. The game ran very choppy on my 700 mhz AMD Duron computer, which is unacceptable for a klik game, especially like this. Unfortuantely, this is all there is to the gameplay. The skulls don't bounce off anything, and there are no special powerups or anything. You just gain points for how long you stay alive.

I became bored with this, and forced my character to die at a score of 84 points. There was then an explosion on screen, which reminds me of one that game with either TGF or KNP. Then, you are brought to a highscore table. That's it.

The game was disapointing, even though I went into it with little hope. The thing that really makes it poor is the statement that the developer used to try to snag you.

"A superb arcade game, espessially for those drunk teenagers. It also is extremely small in size for the amount of game play. "

First off, don't lie and say it is superb. The drunk teenagers part may be true. I haven't tried this game drunk, never will. It's going to be deleted after this. The amount of gameplay? WHAT gameplay? There is practically no gameplay.

Not worthy of the quick download. Sorry Icy2Dope. To improve it? Not much, because there isn't much of an idea behind it. I suggest starting a brand new game, and with original characters and graphics.


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