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Review: FireBall .:2:. (Public Demo!)
Author: Ecstazy
Added: 28/06/2002

Well, I downloaded the game after SoftwareWolf asked me to.
I began to play only after a few days because I didn't have time...but anyway...
I started the game. Hmm...looks quite fancy. Good looking effects and graphics...maybe too good looking. Seems to be the entire game is one big pyrotechnic celebration.
I started the game, and was asked to save. Thing is that it doesn't have lives, so if you lose the fireball (blood ball?), you need to start over, and I found that quite annoying.
When you destroy things you get bonuses and stuff, but one (that is purely part of the pyrotechnic celebration) is the earthquake...
What's the use of it? To show us you can use the Mode 7 object?
After getting tired from the first levels, I decided to load the save I got. It seems to be like some boss level, but it took me like 3 game overs to realize what's going on. The fireball is too close to the edge in the beginning, with no time to get ready.
I was too tired to figure out what to do afterwards. Plus, bat & ball isn't my favorite genre...

Nice's it...


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