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Review: The Elk (special edition)
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 30/05/2002

While I was waiting for this to download I thought to myself "Oh dear God, no, another poor klik and play platformer!". But the download was worth the (short) wait.

This consists of the standard clickteam engine, and therefore has its faults. Often when the character walks, he walks in mid air, which can prove rather irritating. The level design is fairly poor, I have to admit, but it is pretty challenging, with the asteroids being rather hard to avoid. It's better in the challenge department than, say, Mr Malibus, or my own Sleep Dreams 1

Nothing too special about this really. The graphics are fairly poor, but then again, they keep the game running very smoothly, and the parallax scrolling is pretty sweet. The graphics seem drab also, rather grey on the first level. The static introductory story however, was well drawn.

Its pretty hard, and bigger than Mr Malibus, so its probably slightly better too. And its fun! You may think Im the Simon Cowell (of Pop Idol fame) of the Klik Community, but I do like this game. It's very sweet and well worth your download time.


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