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Review: Unknown Game 457
Author: Joshtek
Added: 29/05/2002

I have known about this for a while and wanted to use it for the same length of time,
I even had my VCade password setup early

I liked to logon screen but at one point the CYT server went down I think

I prefered the Click-Pool server but unfortunately nobody was on it,
Zippy had a fun game for us all and even Yves was there (well for a min or two before going idle).

I think it was ChrisD(tk) who got told off for flooding a user, it needs mroe flood / long msg protection cos it can crash or something.

Supoosedly theres some easter eggs there, I will try to find them but I think the chat needs to be improved (you cant put yourself on ignore, links arent underlined etc)

"Use it, but dont abuse it" is probbablythere motto, enjoy.


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