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Review: Minigame madness
Author: Georgie
Added: 24/05/2002

This is just games to play that are for some friends.

I like the graphics and the select screen, they look nice and *cute* note the same for the music .

And the characters all look like Kirby, which 2 of the games are like it. The Platform Fall game and the Fruit Catcher.

Now I might have caught on faster if this had any instructions for what to do, and controls but I figured them out my 5th time. You can have fun playing some of your friends in this for awhile since it can waste time for a bit.

Keep up the work and send in some more games next time for me to test
Please add instructions and possibly some ingame objects on the instruction page too so I know what your talking about.

Can you let Players decide controls?

And possibly fix the slider level so that you don't kill your own platform by making the launcher move a tad bit farter away from the shooter.


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