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Review: Alex & Friends' Quest Remastered
Author: hellzy
Added: 15/02/2020 08:47:27

The presentation is pretty good, you get to choose your character like in Smash Bros (even the character selection screen uses Melee's character selection theme), as well as choosing your stage, kinda like a Mega Man game. Some cutscenes and dialogues are good too but I'm not really a big fan of it.

The game is an action platformer, basic as can be. But you have RPG elements like leveling up and magic spells, as well as powerups/buffs. The levels are pretty huge, all of which have non-linear paths that hold numerous secrets. The boss fights are helluva intense, sorta like in Metroid, but bombs can cheese them rather easily. Overall, the gameplay is pretty solid.

The graphics are standard for a klik game, but the variety of level backdrops is the thing that stood out to me the most. There's parallax scrolling, as well as some smaller details in the background (especially the rippling water in the Donkey Kong level, which is my favorite of the bunch). The bosses' sprites are really well done as well, including the final boss, which you have to play for yourself to witness.

The audio is perhaps the weaker part of the game, as it borrows soundtrack from other games. The sound effects are oftentimes inappropriate like whenever you kill something with cookies, the enemy just straight up explodes. If it weren't for the level variety and the game's lastability, which I'll go into later, I would give this section an even lower rating.

This game, oh boy, takes time to beat. Not only do you have to beat the game THREE TIMES to unlock the true ending (Ghost 'n Goblins PTSD), but there are also secret characters that you can unlock, as well as some post-game content which I'm not going to spoil. Each level takes around 5-10 minutes to beat, depending on your level, speaking of which, it's borderline impossible to play on the second or third playthrough unless you've grinded enough xp.

Flaws aside, Copyright Infringement Simulator is quite well-done (not in the sense of steak of course). It's evident that you put love and effort into it, and it's probably your best game to date, if I may say.

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