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Review: Mome
Author: AndyUK
Added: 18/01/2020 20:14:54

There is nothing particular outstanding or bad about the presentation.
I don't like how long that first unskippable fade in is and why do you have to use the mouse to click on menu options when the game is controlled with the keyboard?

It's very obvious straight away that this is going to be a simple platform game. The main challenge will coming from timing your jumps over enemies. You can land on enemies to kill them as in the Super Mario Bros games but you really wont want to waste the time. Get your timing right and jump over the enemies until you reach the exit on the right. One little annoyance is how the enemies will turn around at a set time even in the middle of a flat piece of land, it can make things unpredictable and considering it's all about timing can throw you off unfairly. There is nice variety between levels but sometimes you will have the same enemy 10 times in a row and it gets boring quickly. Thankfully the levels aren't all that long.

In a word, scruffy. I guess you wouldn't consider yourself an artist Monadoboy? Still, the characters and animation do look like you threw something together with your mouse and put it all in the game straight away. There's nothing bad about it and it's all quite colourful but there is room for massive improvement. One little thing that irked me is how the holes aren't clear. They're a lighter colour than the ground you stand on. It's also quite CLOSE to the same colour you stand on. I think a general rule would be to make background graphics darker or at least give them a small shadow to show what it is. Everything is very flat.

Sounds and music are all pleasant enough.

There are just too many other games out there to come back to this. I don';t want to be too hard on it though it's quite fun to play! It's just one of a million other free MMF2 games out there that doesn't really stand out in any way.

You're making a sequel. You will be happy to know it wont be hard to make big improvements on this game. It's a solid start. Just think 'more of everything' and perhaps spend a little longer on your graphics and level design. Perhaps some collectibles and powerups or bonus rounds would be nice too. Good stuff!

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