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Review: Pump Pressure Sprayer
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 04/01/2020 18:26:45

The presentation is good. The game features the main menu and a hi-score screen which is cool!

The gameplay is good. The game is really fun and I love how the difficultly goes up over time. My only complaint is that I wish I could hold the Space Bar to shoot instead of constantly pressing the Space Bar to shoot. Because my hand was hurting after a while.

The graphics are perfect! I love all the sprite in the game and they look amazing!

The Sound/Music is meh. The Sound Effects are great, I really love the voices that play when power-ups are collected or when they leave the play area. But the Music honestly doesn't fit the game. It's to chill for a constant wave of bugs coming at Spray. There should've been music that had agency and fear, to it.

The Lastability is perfect. You can continue to play to get a better high score pretty much forever.

Overall Pump Pressure Sprayer is good! The Lastability and Graphics are perfect, the Presentation and Gameplay are good, and the Sound/Music is meh. Good job Felix Wolf! I look forward to your next game!

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