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Review: Junk!
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 09/11/2019 01:04:09

The presentation was pretty good. Once again, MonadoBoy 64 has created a game with a hand drawn graphical style. Very nice!

The gameplay was a bit mediocre. I see what you were going for, trying to get the junk at the bottom of the screen so that you can collect it. The problem is that you can only shoot in one direction, which is down, and it makes it tough to shoot the junk to push it down to the since they fly around the whole screen, and since they go anywhere they want, I don't really see the point of using the gas gun to push the junk when you can just wait for it to go down and POOF, collected. It would've been nice if there were some hazards that you could shoot with a ray gun or something to make it more exciting, and also have the junk be collected by just touching it. The game also gets boring after a while since the junk takes SOOOOO long to appear.

The graphics are good. This is another MonadoBoy 64 game with hand drawn graphics, but Lost 13 was his second one to do that. While I still like the change, you should work on your colors since some sprites blend in with the background, and there's just too much grey which makes it look uninteresting to look at. Just saying.

The sfx are good and don't ever become annoying. The music is also good, but you could've used some exciting music since the music sounds kind of boring.

The lastability is great. Since it's an arcade style game, you can play it over and over to get a perfect hi-score. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a hi-score system, so you might want to write it down or something.

Overall, it's pretty mediocre. You tried at least, but more effort should've been put in the game to make it more fun and interesting. Just keep trying, and you'll make something even better. ;)

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