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Review: Halloween House
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 26/10/2019 02:35:48

This is kinda new for me, I'm reviewing an old game for once. Cool, huh? Anyway...

The presentation is great. The menu and the dialogue sections are all well done. I especially love the ending cutscene where you talk to the sister while wearing the hockey/Jason mask and cries because she found the mask to be scary. Cute!... or... creepy?

The gameplay is great and very self-explanatory. It's all about roaming around the house looking for the candy for the kid to eat by finding and using various different items like in Resident Evil. It plays similarly to Zelda due to the view perspective being top-down. According to the developer, the game takes inspiration from an NES/Famicom game called "Sweet Home", which I've never played before, but would like to. The controls are super responsive and easy to understand, much like an NES game. I also love the RPG style scene that appears when you encounter a trick or treater, and how you win by just giving him the gum. Another thing I loved and found funny was the little Resident Evil joke reference when you get the green herb from the plant next to the stairs, but instead of actually getting the green herb, the kid just says, "Just kidding, it's just a plant." Very funny.

The graphics are very well done, cartoony and cute. The cutscenes, like I said, are all well done as well. Although, I do find the perspective view on the character to be a bit weird. Instead of the character being in a fixed perspective like in Zelda, the character sprite itself just turns which makes it look awkward. Once again, it's inspired by "Sweet Home", and even though, like I said, I've never played it, I had to search a gameplay video of it to compare the perspectives, and yes, both that game and this game have the same type of perspective which is understandable. So, I can forgive it for that.

The sfx and music are good and definitely fit the atmosphere of the game. The main 8-bit music track that plays may be just a loop that repeats over and over again, but it never get annoying which is a good thing, and at least there are more music tracks that play in the game. The sound effects too are nice and clear.

Now, this is the part of the game where it kinda falls flat. The game is only about 10-15 minutes long, and it's super easy to play through. I know it was made for a contest from a long time ago, but it would have been nice if there was more to it, like going outside to trick or treat and encounter some more hazards for some more RPG action. Just a thought. Despite that, what we got was good enough.

Overall, despite the length and easy difficulty of the game, it was definitely a time well spent, and a perfect game to play on this Halloween season. Great presentation and gameplay, good graphics, and a great choice of music and sfx. If you have 10-15 minutes to kill, then I'd say check this game out, you won't regret it. ;) Happy Halloween everyone!

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