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Review: RPG Name Creator Open Source
Author: whoopz64
Added: 26/05/2019 23:00:04

The interface is simple. and easy to understand. I like the font you used for the letters and the little characther on the side of the keyboard.
it's open source so you can do with it whatever you want, you can put it into any game you are making in less than 5 minutes and have a working name selection screen. I think thats really cool

it's simple, you move the cursor arround to the letter you wish to select and press space. when you are done you select end and a nice sound effect plays. you can delete letters if you mistyped something and you can type symbols.

the keyboard is fine, but instead of being qwerty it's layout goes abcdefg. the font of the letters is ok, but since it's open source you can change it to whatever you want the character on the side it's a nice addition to the selection screen, I think it looks really nice

There is no music, but It comes as a mfa file so it's easy to add your own. and the sound effects are nice. when you select a letter or when you select the end button it makes noice letting you know that you selected that

It's a name selection screen, I don't think it'll go out of fashion any time soon. maybe when the world explodes...

It's a good name selection screen, It's open source so you can do almost anything with it. The ui looks nice and it's simple to use. and it has sound effects already on it so you don't have to put them yourself, the font it's fine but I would change it to something more modern. Overall, it's an open source name selection screen that you can do whatever you want with.

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Posted by Otter 16th July, 2019

Just now seeing this. Thanks for the review! Glad people are getting use from this!


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