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Review: Jock & Marc
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 17/05/2002

Ok, upon reading the description and seeing the screenshot, I thought this game would probably be terrible. So I downloaded it just for the hell of it. It turned out to be...well, terrible, but had some enjoyment from it too. It's a pretty cheesy game, and has the character starting off in a dungeon or something like that, and the first thing you have to do it crawl out. Which is where I discovered the first flaw; you can crawl right through walls!<p>

Next up, you have to traverse some small blocks which hang over a pit of spikes, and the shadowing of the blocks makes it very difficult to land on them. But its possible. Next up, a self scrolling level...seemed alright actually, until the standard platform movement refused to let me jump where I wanted to, costing me valuable time, and eventually my life. This is where I just gave up.<p>

The graphics are fairly sparse, but are colourful and cartoony. The main character, Jock has reasonably good animation, and I did come back to this more often than I thought I would. A sequel is a good idea ZeroTau, but make it with a custom platform engine this time =


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