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Review: Alex & Friends' Quest
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 12/07/2018 03:00:59

The presentation of Alex & Friends' Quest is pretty good. It looks kind of close to presentation quality of an official game.

The gameplay is the worst part of Alex & Friends' Quest. First off to me the gameplay is boring. I don't know why but when playing it, I feel very bored. I don't know why but I did had a lot of criticisms for the gameplay. First I feel like the level lack variety. What I mean by that, is that to me the levels feel like the same. Like going up, down, left, and right. Why not have going right linear levels or things like that. Second, In my opinion, I don't like how slow the character moves. I wish you moved faster. Third, I don't like how many hit it takes to kill an enemy. Seriously why does it take so many hits to kill an enemy? It makes no sense. Fourth, the level layout is bad in that there's object over each other and it just looks ugly. And this was like this in Dracula. Fifth is that there are enemies in the levels that make no sense to be there. For example, why are Mumbo and Gruntilda enemies? It makes no sense because there's only one Mumbo and Gruntilda and I don't understand why they're enemies. And this is like this with the Kirby 64 level, why is King Dedede an enemy. And it's worst in the perfect dark level in where there no enemies related to perfect dark in the level. Seriously why is James bond, soldiers from Goldeneye 007, and soldiers in tanks in a perfect dark level? They don't even fit the game. And other enemies that don't fit. The sixth and final thing is just like in Dracula the enemies are put together which looks horrible and they have the same path movement, why isn't there a variety of path movements with the enemies?

The Graphics look good. It's an improvement on Dracula in that they're better background. But some of the backgrounds like in the Banjo Kazooie level, kind of look roughly drawn. But some the backgrounds in the Perfect Dark level look awesome. And the sprites look pretty good.

The sound/music is okay. It's all the awesome tune of games that based as levels in the game but to me, the music sounds very low-quality to me, or in short, they sound very muffled. But the sound effects are good and they fit the game.

The lastability is great, with eight worlds, with three levels each expect the last world that is one big level. And with three difficulty and other stuff makes the game pretty long and that's good.

Overall Alex & Friends' Quest is bad. The graphics, lastability, and presentation are good. The sound/music is okay. While the gameplay is very bad. I wished it was better but hey we make bad games sometimes. It's nothing to worry about just learn from your last one and try again! Good job BigAl0104!

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