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Review: Bug o Bug
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 23/04/2018 23:21:45

The presentation was alright, from the title screen all the way to the end credits. I liked the scrolling at the title screen and the bee flying around, I also liked the intro and the outro, but I did notice a few misspelled words. Overall everything else looked really cool.

Gameplay was good. It's really simple, all you do is just fly around and shoot the bad guys, no complicated gameplay mechanics, and the controls were very responsive and easy to use.

The graphics were alright, there could've been a lot more detail in the background such as adding clouds to the sky or make them scroll across the screen like in both the title screen and the end credits. But I loved the little wing animations for the bees and the other flying insects. Really nice touch!

The music in the game is good and really catchy, even though it's music that came from the Clickteam Fusion folder, but it's still good. And the sound effects were good as well, and I specially love the sound effect from when you collect the honey.

It won't last very long, it's only three levels, and they seem to be over pretty soon. It'll take you about 5-6 minutes to beat the entire game, and I really wish that there was more in the game to make it a lot enjoyable.

Overall, this game was pretty fun, even if it was over really soon, but I still liked playing it. I really liked the music and sound effects, the gameplay was good, the graphics are alright, and the lastability was meh! But you still did a good job at it, keep doing what you are doing and hopefully you'll be able to make bigger games in the future.

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