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Review: Angry Santa
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 07/03/2018 22:11:41

The presentation for Angry Santa is meh. The menu doesn't look that great. But the title screen at the beginning to good but the menu that pops up when you collect a present is the basic clickteam menu and it's not unique to the game at all. But I do like you can save at anytime

The gameplay is meh but it has potential. But unfortunately, it's just platforming and shooting the same enemies. With a variety of enemies, screens, etc. But the biggest problem is that game is extremely buggy. With a ton of bugs. With going off screen, going under the ground, etc.

The graphics are meh somethings in the background are good but generally extremely boring and the sprites are inconstant with some looking good with others looking bad and bland.

The SFX and music are just abysmal there is no music with barely any SFX. If it's Santa there should be some Christmas music or music that fits well with a snowy area. But it doesn't

The lastability of Angry Santa is terrible game can be beaten pretty quickly and there is no replayable.

Overall this game is bad but the gameplay has so much potential but it bogged down with everything and by the gameplay itself. I would honestly suggest maybe not play this one. But I highly recommend Starry Blaster. That game is awesome. (Awesome job MPP)

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Posted by Shaen 15th March, 2018

This was my first game ever, sorry for the inconveniences, unfortunately, when I made this game, I had close to no skill with the program I used. Now I have more skill and am coming out with a new game called "Action Land Island Survival". In my own opinion, this game is going to be amazing, maybe not to all, but definitely to me. I am very excited for its release!


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