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Review: Friendship Adventure
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 03/02/2018 20:39:19

The presentation in Friendship Adventure is amazing. It has a finished look to it just like games that are released on modern consoles.

The gameplay is the worst part of Friendship Adventure. It just sucks. First the point and click parts of the game, Why do you have to use a controller or arrow keys to move the cursor it's slow and it would be better with a mouse. Look at other point and click game, what do they use to point and click... A mouse. Second the combat. I did find it cool it had a system in avoiding object like in Undertale but you can't even attack enemies and there no leveling up system. So pretty much there is no point to combat. Third the character. The NPCs are good (The girl in the coffee shop is my favorite). But the main characters are just bland and forgettable. And have nothing interesting about them. Fourth: The story. This story is forgettable, there is nothing interesting about. The only time it got interesting and the moment I had fun with the game was when the girl's (that you help) brother which asked you to come to the subway and then ghosts appear and attack you. Which was awesome but you didn't explore that. You just ended it. Fifth and finally my experience. When I first booting into Mindy's bedroom I go bored extremely fast. I was so bored and sick of the game I just wanted to quit but I keep going, hoping I find when the game would pick up but it never happened until the moment I said in the story part. I wanted to do another playthrough to play more of the game before I reviewed it. But the boredom continued and I just stopped. And started writing this review.

The graphics are good for the character sprites looking really good but I wish the graphics in the overworld were better.

The sound/music is meh. The sound effects are good but the music is bad with no memorable tones but it does the job.

The lastability is good with multiple endings which I found awesome and there's, people, to help out in the game.

Overall Friendship Adventure is just bad. The presentation, graphics, and replay value are good/amazing. But the gameplay just ruins everything and I was so bored of this game. That, unfortunately, I can say that this is the worst game I ever played on the Daily Click. Even A & 1 is better even though that game is bad it had at least a bit better gameplay than Friendship Adventure. I know that this was very harsh review Jonney Comics. And am really sorry. But please on your next game, please focus on gameplay before art or story, because if don't people are to slog there way through bad gameplay to get to good of the game. Please do this.

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