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Review: Jiggle
Author: Rikus
Added: 16/05/2002

Get ready to get yourself a new addiction. Its name? Well i am glad you asked its Jiggles! The game has no instructions so i had to figure it out all by myself, lucky for me its not so hard
to figure this game out. In this game you first control a circle that you can move around with a small control pad. The trick is to keep the circle in the play area while it moves around.
Sounds easy? Well what if we put another colored circle into the mix witch you also have to control with another different colored pad? Still easy? Well what if we put a circle of the
same color to the mix that moves into another direction as your first circle! Oh my and its really gets spiffy if a new and totally different colored circly appears every now and then. What starts out as a relaxing game soon makes you scream (in a good way of course The graphics are fine for this type of games and so are the music/soundeffects. Try and jiggle your way out of this game, you wont be disappointed.


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