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Review: Run With Gun
Author: AugustoAD
Added: 06/02/2011

Well, The presentation is not bad at all. Music at background, buttons popping put from right and stuff... and the character coming and going.

...Yeah, not bad at all.

The gameplay. It's a bit strange to play with control and shift (I'm used to other stuff like Z and X, A and S, Space and CTRL), but that's not a problem. Yes, the gameplay is very simple indeed, and kinda makes me remember of Hurdler. But, it's really annoying that when you die, that message pops up: "you lose. again?" You should try doing something cooler, like, the character tearing appart, blood and flesh going everywhere and a message comming from the screen's edges: "You died, press any key to re-start." Also, EVERY SINGLE TIME I beat a level, the game goes back to Title Screen and the level selection. That's another annoying thing that you should improve. anyways, the gameplay is simple, physics are cool and I like those sticks in the way. Even though I did not comprehend why red sticks. :P

Yea, the graphics. They are GOOD. But nothing THAAAT good. I don't like the character's movement. it seems that he's only lifting his feet. I like the backgrounds, they really fit the game. And, for a game as simple as this is, it does not need AWESOME graphics. That did great.

Sounds like there are not a lot of sound effects! (Sorry for the pun, i could not help it.) Well, I see you did not made the musics by yourself, but they're great too. But when you die a level ALOT, the musics just gets just repetitive. That's something that you should improve. But not bad at all, they all fit the game.

Lastability. This kind of game lasts a lot. Even if you're just bored, or if you want to kill some hours, or if you're a hardcore gamer, or EVEN if you're just another casual gamer, this game should take some time from you. ...But it gets repetitive with time.

OVERALL: A good game. Funny enough little time waster. good soundtrack. Nice stage design. Yes, there are things you should improve, but this is still a good game. Hope you like my review. :)

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