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Review: Siege
Author: ruffles
Added: 23/04/2010

Siege has single mode, a Vs. mode against an AI controlled enemy or a friend sharing the same keyboard. There's a tutorial for newcomers, and a very useful pedia in the end of the tutorial. It's better to write down the combinations though, or else you'd need to see the whole tutorial every time you'd want to see the pedia. You can set some handicaps in the options and the time it takes to finish a battle if no one destroys the castle in time.

Predating Puzzle Quest by years, Siege's unique gameplay works perfectly. Although spamming does the trick some times, building the better units is the key to win. There are some control issues, but otherwise it's all fluid gameplay. Considering the nature of the game, the AI will send out more "complex" units in short intervals, but that's part of the game. There are 6 characters to choose from, each with different stats: the one that has the strongest fortress cannot build the most advanced units, and so on. Picking him will provide a good challenge, while getting the weakest fortress will require faster thinking.

Beautifully draws 2D sprites, although lacking a bit in animation. The resolution is quite small too, but back then it was enough.

Simple effects, and a single, repeating background music that apparently was handpicked. Fits perfectly with the game, but it just goes on and on.

Getting someone to play with you is the only way to extend this game, because unless you're up to some absurd challenge (using the handicaps), the game will unfortunately get repetitive quickly (it's addicting too, so that's to be expected).

Siege was my favourite Klik game "back then", and is still awesome. In these days where indie games have better exposure in online media, if it had real funding and became a longer game full of features, I'm sure it would find succcess.

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