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Review: puzzle game
Author: Mr. Funman
Added: 06/12/2009

puzzle game is a puzzle game by someone called superpower (not the exact name). Let's see if this game is fun or just plain dumb.

This is the best part of the game. You must get the Green Box to the Red Box, while, in later levels, avoiding Grey Squiggles, and sometimes using portals! The catch is that when you press the arrow key, the Green Box (GB) will not stop moving until it hits a wall, enemy, portal, the Red Box (RB), or the edges of the screen (if you hit the edges, you have to start the level over again). When you hit a portal, you go the direction you went when you hit the portal. That comes into play as well. I give the Gameplay an 8.

The graphics are based around simple squares, so the score does not soar to the skies. The background was cool though. Not very much to say here. I give the graphics a 4.

Wow, that sound was so loud, I was almost deaf! JUST KIDDING! There is actually NO sound at all. This is the only thing this gets a zero. Next time, you could put some sound in it. I give the sound a 0, because there is no sound at all.

If you're like me, you will leave this in your Downloads folder, and not even try to touch it until you accidentally stumble upon it again. Or you may want to play it over and over. Either way, he gives you passwords, but you'll probably forget them if you don't write them down on a legal pad. I give the replay (AKA Lastability) a 6.

The Gameplay is nice. The graphics are bad. The sound is horrible. The replay is pretty good. Let's review the scores. Gameplay: Nice and puzzling. 8 stars Graphics: Boring! The background is good though. 4 stars. Sound: There is no sound at all. 0 stars. Replay: It's fine. 6 stars. Let's round the scores. 8+4+0+6=18 Okay, maybe we should do it the old fashioned way. Overall: 7 stars!!! Pretty good game, but not the best.

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Posted by PotatoCannon 6th December, 2009

ok thx i agree whit you
Posted by Callebo 9th December, 2009

This review actually made me interested in the game!
Good with the recap at the end


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