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Review: Dodgeball?
Author: Rikus
Added: 07/11/2009

Who does not like Dodge ball? The game were you have to avoid a ball from hurting you pretty badly!

In this version of dodgeball you are a little stick figure that has to avoid any balls at all costs. Everybody seems to hate you because everyone is throwing all the balls to you. Dodging balls and collecting points is lots of fun, and a brilliant move on behave of the author npd89 is the inclusion of the “to close” extra. You receive extra points for being too close to a ball. This works addiction because since the game is using a high score online system, you can compete with points for people around the world.

While the game play is very addicting it can be very frustrating at the same time. It just gets too hard to quickly, I think people want to get used to the controls a bit gain some points before things get harder. Right now a average game of dogeball for me lasted about 8 seconds. You can only restart a game so many times before just giving up.

Screenshot 2

While I give props for the quick sound effects, the music could have used some more attention, they are now just random midis, but I would have loved a song that started out slowly and as time moved on got more intense.

Also graphic and game play wise, the inclusion of different colored balls who would act differently would have been nice to keep you coming back to the game apart from the online scoreboard. And maybe a subtle background that keeps changing, since you can only stare at a white background for so long.

Overall in the end I had lots of fun with this cute little game, for what it is, the only big issue I can see right now is the difficulty level that might put people of in the beginning. Still big props and I hope to see a Dogeball 2 in the future!

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