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Review: The Bat Sweeper
Author: Rikus
Added: 07/11/2009

The Bat Sweeper is something different. In the game you are a ugly little guy with a huge nose that gets in a fight with a bat, when the bat ends up kidnapping your mom, you change your name to the bat sweeper, and your mission.. To kill all the bats!

The game is great fun and I loved the presentation, even before you take over the controls I was already laughing. The game uses some great video and in-game voiceovers. In fact later on in the game you just want to keep playing just to see what will happen next.

The game play is pretty unique, you have to suck up bats with your little device but it can also be used to jump super high. This is actually lots of fun and the controls for this were very tight. A effective power bar shows you how much time you have left in your jump, once you run out of power you fall back down. It only takes seconds for your device to recharge so you donít have to wait long to be able to jump again. The same can be said for your own life, if you hit a enemy or spikes you lose a bit of life but if you get out of harmís way quick enough you soon will see your power bar go back up to full speed. This adds to the game play value and if you do die the game saves the game in crucial areas in the game.

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Your device is also able to suck up little balls of paper and throw them, this comes in handy later in the game where it is used to solve some very cool little puzzles. I have to say I was very impressed with the level design and you can actually spend a lot of time with this game if you want to finish it all the way to the end, and you should. You can always come back to it later with the very cool level selector menu that lets you pick any level that you already finished.

We also should talk a bit about the music and sound effects. From the great voice overís to just firing off a paper ball the entire game is surrounded by a very high quality of sound and music design. In fact I can say that about the entire game. The game does get harder the further you get into it, but because of the save points, you never get frustrated enough to just quit. I do have to say that you canít go into this game and expect to know everything within the first couple of seconds. Take the time to learn the control, and how to fly/jump, it will make your experience of the game better because of it.

I highly recommended this great platformer, and I canít wait to play it again after writing this review!

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Posted by 3kliksphilip 7th November, 2009

Aw thanks Rikus!
Posted by Va1entine 7th November, 2009

I really liked this little game too, i completed it last night!!!! Great title and great review!!!!


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