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Review: Pac Trip
Author: Rikus
Added: 05/11/2009

Pac trip eats a magic mushroom and is thrown into a alien world filled with all sorts of crazy stuff. I had a great
time playing this action shooter actually. The graphics fit the game just fine and its great fun blasting at
aliens and other nasties. The great thing about this game is that it continues to give you new enemies and
new weapons as you got further in the game, and I loved that.

The controls were very easy and big thumbs up for the music and soundeffects, very well picked and they fitted perfectly with this type of game. My only gripe is that once you hit a enemie you die instantly. It would be better to loose a life and continue on. The game is a bit unforgiven that way, even more so later in the game. Also, and I hope this game will get more updates, is to include more levels with bosses, wich would really make this game a instant classic shooter in my opinion. Who does not want control pacman while kicking some mayor Alien ass? I was very impressed with this action game, very well made and some of the weapons made me laugh. Well done Sir!





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