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Review: Super Spooky Haunted House Duck Fight
Author: Rikus
Added: 03/11/2009

Super Spooky Haunted House Duck Fight

In Super Spooky Haunted House Duck Fight you start out playing
as a kid who is just annoying his neighbors by trick or treating
at a very late hour. All is good with our hero until his candy bag
gets stolen by a angry duck.

Before your candy even gets stolen the game starts out by you fooling around by ringing the door bells and trying to get candy which is a nice touch. The game has a spooky mood to it and the beginning does draw you in awaiting what horrible thing will happen.

The graphics are a bit simple overall but itís more of a stylish choice and it does not distract from the overall game. The main problem with the game is that itís too short. Once your candy gets stolen you move to the forest were right away you have to fight the dug that stole your candy. When you defeat him the game is over. It would have been cool to fight off some ghosts in the forest maybe check out the cemetery in search of your candy before you would get to the duck.

Overall a fun spooky little game that I would still check out, it is just too short.



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