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Review: GunDude Game
Author: Raidex
Added: 17/08/2009

Well executed Game.

Clear Menu, Fonts etc.

The gameplay for this game, is rather smooth. It is everything it needs to be, simple movements, nice easy to use bullets.

The graphics are decent. They're no more or less then they need to be. In fact, the style is very cute, and contributes to a positive for me.

The sound seems to be ripped from Games such as Doom and Counter-Strike, but even then, they still suit the game very well. The music is unique, and is pretty good too.

It's a pretty fun game, although a few levels are very hard, and frustrating. So, some players might 'Rage Quit' after not being able to beat these levels.

A great little game. Fun for a while, but gets a bit repedative and frustrating at times. I'd recommend it.

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