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Review: eShooter Engine Debug DEMO
Author: Sumo148
Added: 25/05/2009

the title screen has a nice theme (broken boxes) and the layout is very simple yet effective. There are a few buttons on the first frame (connect, chat room, options, etc.) You are also able to change your server and port as well!

gameplay is just amazing! The fact alone that your playing with other people is astounding. It's pretty fun to kill other people and talk with them too (by pressing spacebar to bring up chat ingame). I had a fun time playing it and he keeps adding more guns and maps! (recently a flamethrower)

The graphics are pretty good! He "borrowed" the explosion animation though for the grenades. The players seem somewhat realistic and the fire from the flame thrower is pretty cool! I asked him how he did it, and he said that he used the "ADD" effect.

Sadly there is no background music. BUT, there are sounds when you shoot and pick up health packs and grenades.

This game has a great lastability! I almost go on every day to see if anyone else is on so I can play! I'm loving this game!

Overall this is one of the best MMO click games i have seen. You really should download this! :D

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Posted by W3R3W00F 26th May, 2009

I love it. It would be wicked if there was a shop to buy weapons like Friendly strike. ^^

I'm gonna log on again.
Posted by [EclektiK] 26th May, 2009

I'll work on the chat room to
1. Fix the nasty bugs and
2. When a user joins a game, the other people in the chat room will know.

I was wondering if it was ok to add a Money system.

The Grenade explosion is actually 3 seperate animations (actives), since they're particles, but I got them legally from DarkSun's TRIUMPH Engine.
Posted by W3R3W00F 26th May, 2009

a Money system would be cool.
Posted by Sumo148 26th May, 2009

way to rip on my ideas for my assassination game
Posted by UrbanMonk 27th May, 2009

it's less like an mmo and more like a mo.

Also, there was a online shooter made in mmf 1.5 a while ago, I don't know if its still online though.

EDIT: ahhh, its still up
Comment edited by UrbanMonk on 5/27/2009


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