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Review: Timerocketxby
Author: Jon C-B
Added: 22/04/2009

This game was made by Hempuli for the compo last summer. Even though its just a short compo game I love it!

You control a nameless dude carrying a rocket launcher who shoots his rocket at bad guys and other things, like explosives. But the main genius hook to this game is that at any point, you can stop time! You use this to solve the interesting puzzles in the game, like climbing up frozen rain. The only thing that I was disappointed at was the shortness of it. The game only had a few levels, and I wish that there were more.

The graphics had an interesting style that only a few people can successfully pull off. I especially found it cool to freeze time and jump ontop of a bad guy's separated head, which looked as great as it sounds.

The music a fun and catchy and was stuck in my head for quite a few days after wards.

Once you've beat the game, there isn't much of a reason to play it again.

Overall, I love this short sweet game and I recommend it to all who come to the site.

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