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Review: Karma: The Game - Demo
Author: W3R3W00F
Added: 21/04/2009

The game is very well presented. It's quite tranquil, laid back, calm. A decent way to comply with the name.

An interesting gameplay I must say. In Karma you basically complete quests for spiders, ants, or other small bugs. Doing good deeds increases good karma; wrong doing raises bad karma. If you think about it, it's much like KOTOR. There are also secret passages in which you can go through- they often hide Karma bonuses or money. I particularly enjoyed Karma, even as a demo.

I have nothing bad to say about the graphics- they simply excellent and meshed together very well. The foreground stood out from the background, and vice versa.

Tranquil, Peaceful, quiet, calm, serene. As Karma is as fun as it is good looking, the sounds aren't any differnt. I thought they were simplyful.

As I haven't played through the demo, it seemed to last me a good long while, concerning the quests involved that added to the time, without being tedious.

Karma: The game is only a demo, but from where it stands it's absolutly fantastic. Worth a download- maybe even a second play. This game is, what you could call, a masterpiece.

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Posted by Ski 21st April, 2009

So...a demo you havent even completed and you're giving it 10 out of 10... okay then . I really wish Clubsoft or flava would implement a rating system for reviews.
Posted by W3R3W00F 22nd April, 2009

Oh, I did it just to attract your attention.


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