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Review: Big Bean
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 21/04/2009

This is a strange game where you play as this brown bean whose job is to rid the world of alien worm creatures. You have an assortment of guns of which you can buy on the level select menu. You gain money by killing enemies and stuff in each level. It's interesting and keeps you busy, but some parts are just darn frusterating.

The premise of this game is to kill and destroy every enemy on the screen with your weapons to get to the next area. About every level will feature a new enemey and the difficulty will spike up faster than you can say banana. There are a few boss fights in the game that are quite challenging. Anyway, by killing enemies you can collect money to buy new weapons. You can use up to two weapons per level. It's difficult but tons of fun, but maybe they should give you more bullets in the earlier levels.

The graphics are custom made and fit well with the enviroment. they aren't the best graphics but are certainly good enough for the player to be entertained.

About all the music is Jamaican because it is kind of a Jamaican themed game. So, it kinda does fit in with the bean bulleting a bunch of strange aliens but maybe it's too strange. Maybe, fighting music would suit better for the levels. Anyway, I'll give this section a 7.

This game doesn't have a lot of replayability but certainly keeps you occupied for a while because of the difficulty of the levels. So, it has some replayability I guess.

A starange game where a bean must eliminate all the aliens of the planet while collecting drugs and ammoo to keep him alive. It's difficult and frusterating at times but it's enough to keep you on for a while.

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