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Review: Oldie Classic: Marker Mayhem
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 20/04/2009

This is a very fun little minigame to play if you are bored or just wanting to kill some time. You are just a teacher who throws markers and students who are asleep. It's fairly simple but gets repetitive fast.

You are a teacher who's goal is to keep everyone awake by smashing markers onto students heads. Every now or then you get a chance to pull the fire alarm which awakens every sleeping kid in class which is a good life saver. But if you hit a student accdently a few times, it's game over for you man. It's a clever idea, but it gets boring fast.

The graphics are ugly and I am sorry but they seemed rush. It just looks like the mspaint circle and line tools. It basically is one of the downsides of this game.

The sounds and music are just midis. But the music for the minigame fits well and I will give him that. But every other song is just alright, nothing special. but it isn't that big of a deal for this game.

This is a minigame, so your goal is to beat other people's high score. but as I said before, it gets repetetive and boring. Maybe more features would have helped.

A decent minigame that our friend, Clayton made. It is fun for a while but gets tiring and boring later on. Maybe more features would have helped but it's fun for the first few tries.

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Posted by OMC 25th April, 2009

Thanks a ton for the review, Demon Lizardman! Remember that this game is years old (hence the awful graphics) and I'm going to redo it.


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