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Review: Mini game compil'
Author: Demon Lizardman
Added: 19/04/2009

I first glanced at this game and thought to myself that this would just be your ordinary minigame collection that would get old fast, but to my surprise, it was just a minigame collection, nothing out of the ordinary. But it, features videogame characters such as Mario and Sonic. It's an alright game, but certainly not the best minigame collection out there.

Since this is a minigame collection, the gameplay is different throughout this download. You can play as kirby who shoots stars out of a wand while dodging and destroying blue spinning sphere things or you can be Mario who just shoots fireballs at approaching enemies to guard the star and yourself. So it's different for each course and it's quite addictive but it gets old fast which is common for some minigames.

All the graphics are ripped and I think most of them are from the spriters resource but I'm not really sure. But it uses graphics from other games like Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga and Kirby Superstar. So, it has nothing custom or new. but some of the selections are nice!

The music is from Various video games and that is pretty much it. It uses mp3 which makes the download take a long time. But the music fits wiht each minigame so thats a good thing and the tunes are catchy too.

There are a total of 8 minigames, there a 3 unloackable ones so that motivates you to play the available ones so that you can see what the secret ones are. But, as time passes you get bored and just feel like doing something else.

This is a decent minigame collection with clever games and such. But, after oyu play through each game again and again, you get bored and you just want to move on. What could of helped is that there could have been a bit more minigames to look forward to and that would have kept the player motivated to play the game more.

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