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Review: Elf Elfonsinio 2
Author: Ecstazy
Added: 16/04/2009

Presentation: That factor is one of the strongest points for that game, I found myself impressed with a menu, and also the game itself is very well executed. No complaints in that department.

Gameplay: That's Achilles' Heel in this game. The game was kind of charming with the whole presentation, atmosphere and music, but soon enough you realize the gameplay doesn't evolve anywhere. Walk around similar areas, occasionally throw nuts at bees, find the exit - that's pretty much it every time. I did end up finishing the game, but I doubt many people would be as determined. Still, for what it does, it does it very well.

Graphics: The graphics are charming and very pleasant to look at, I just wish that in each season there was more to look at, because just like the gameplay it got boring at some point.

Music: The music is very nice and enjoyable, once again I wish there was more of what's available.

Lastability: Well, I think you caught my drift by now, the game is too little of something good. You won't find yourself coming back to this, because it already pretty much repeats itself on the first run.

Overall: The game is sharp and good looking but lacks content, if that was just a demo and I knew good things lie ahead of me I could've given it a higher score, but as a complete product I can't give it more than a 6, which is still great.

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