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Review: Little Ghost Joe
Author: Rikus
Added: 19/01/2009

Well, look at this, Little Ghost Joe created by Johny is a new platform game with a very original look to it. In the game you are a ghost that is seeking revenge so you travel back to earth and get it. The first thing when you boot up this game that sets its apart from other platformers is that it is set in a sort of black&white/hue tone, now this works actually in the games favour and sets the tone for your ghostly world right away. The game is a platformer so as Joe you jump on platforms, kill enemies by jumping on them and you collect items, however the whole process and levels are designed in such away that it just flows very smoothly. It feels like a lot of time was spend balancing the levels out were you jump and how to avoid enemies.

Another big plus for the game is its save feature. The game is saved after every level for you. So if you have to step away and come back you can continue on at the level you last played. This also counts if you reach the game over screen, you can just continue on were you left off. However there is one bug in Windows Vista, and this is not the games fault that I have to tell you about. If you play this game running Windows Vista you have to run it as a Administrator. This is done by right-clicking on the game's Icon and by selecting "Run this game as a Administrator". If you do not do this and just double click on the Game-Icon the save option will not work. This happened to me the first time when i played the gane. When i rebooted the game my profile inside the game was never saved and erased. I am happy to say that the save feature works just fine if you run it in Administrator mode.

Screenshot 1

As you progress in the game it does get harder gradually, which is a good thing. I always have a problem with games were the game is to hard from the start. Not with this game, the levels are nicely evened out for you to get used to the controls and how to jump on those enemies. The music and sound effects are done very well and have a nice spooky sound to it.

While the music is great, I do wish that there were more tracks in between levels to hear. Hearing the same tune after 6 levels the song does get a little repetitive no mather how good the track is.

Screenshot 3

But that is really the only bad thing I can say about this game, the menu options are well balanced out and you can select between a boxed or a full screen version of the game.

With plenty of levels to keep you busy in this very entertaining and well planned out platform game, I highly recommend Little Ghost Joe! This game was first reviewed at:

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