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Review: Climbing Clive & The Rolling Rascals
Author: Rikus
Added: 11/01/2009

For me, I love well made mini-games, and i am happy to say that the master of mini games MJK has created one heck of a action fast paced game that you will keep playing until the early morning.

The game is pretty simple when you first start out, you have to place some plat formers with your mouse that you will have to jump on, the trick is that in every level this huge boulder will come and try to crush you, so you better know were to strategically place your platforms or otherwise you will be crushed pretty quickly. It pays off to first try a couple of rounds to see what the heck you have to do.

As you continue on with the game you notice that every world has its own gravity level, so in some worlds you can make high jumps and in some very low jumps, this makes the game so much more interesting because it will make you think in every level on how high or low you will have to place your platforms.

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The game has a very upbeat soundtrack that makes you want to jump right into the game and kick some boulder butt. The sound effects are fun to listen to and you even have your own announcer guy that lets you know how well you defeated a certain boulder. Speaking of that you can actually gain more or less points on how well you jump over a builder. Some boulders are higher and some are smaller. A very well programmed high-score system is tracking your score and your score is actually saved each time you complete a level. This way when you run out of lives you can compete over high-scores with anyone that played the game! If I have to say anything bad about the game is that sometimes you have trouble jumping and moving at the same time but as you get better in how to handle the game this issue becomes less of a problem.

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The graphics are a lot of fun to look at and very importantly both the rocks and backgrounds change in every world, this keeps things fresh and makes you want to continue on to see what challenge the next world will bring you. To keep things interesting as you continue on in the game, sometimes you will have to do a timed jump or your platforms become smaller so you have to be careful were to jump but also still be quick to avoid those boulders. The great thing about the level design also is and you will notice that lots of attention has been spend on this is that every boulder in every world has its own personality, they look different, are in different sizes and because of the gravity issue you have to watch out on were to jump and how high or low to place your platforms. A very great feature also is the double jump that can save you in lots of difficult situations.

MJK has another winner on his hands here because I could not stop playing. Even after i ran out of lives I had no problem starting over and do better the next time around. Highly Recommended! This game was first reviewed at:

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Posted by erghhhhx 12th January, 2009

Wow, I can't believe you give Graphics a higher grade than Sound and Music. :l


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