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Review: A SECOND FACE - The Eye of Geltz is watching Us -
Author: Rikus
Added: 09/01/2009

I had no idea what to expect when the huge download of A Second face started. The story sounds really interesting.

There is a planet out there that has two sides to it a dark and light one, the folks on the dark side have a problem and the king of the dark side sends his 2 sons out there to find the lighter side of the planet, so the darker side can gain energy from its light source. The son who brings this light source to the king will also be the new king of the dark side.

It is stressed in the game that these dark folks are not really evil they are just stuck in a world that is surrounded by darkness.

Screenshot 2

So after seeing the intro and when i started to actually play the game it turns out this is a serious adventure game, think in the direction of "Beneath a steal sky and the broken sword series" and you kind of will have a slight idea what tone this game will have. The game comes in 2 languages. The English version is well done with some spoken lines in the intro that do the job just fine, what surprised me is the huge scope of this game, the intro sets the tone right away with a dark and moody atmosphere and some really well done animations of the characters, this is a game you have to take your time for.

It is slow paced but for a reason, don't expect to blast aliens into tiny bits, this is a adventure game that wants you to take your time exploring the world that it lays out before you. I do have a couple of issues with the game, the game does take itself a bit to serious and I was hoping for a couple of good jokes here and there since you need that kind of relieve when the rest of the game is serious and dark. (Something that Beneath a steal sky did so well) The game also can run a tad slow even on fast computers and is a huge download.

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On the flip side, plenty of work went into the graphics and animations in the game, the world is filled with folks to talk to, puzzles to solve and things to pick up, this actually brings me to the games menu system which is well done and not annoying at all, it is pretty simple to get a hold of it so you will be talking, grabbing and doing all sorts of things with a click of the mouse. Music and sound effects are essential to a game like this and while it did not blow me away it did impress me on certain spots. Well done I must say and i loved the fun talked bits in the intro, the graphics and sound effects are probably one of the reason the game is such a big download, but if you have a love for adventure games I would urge you to give this game a go, it is not perfect and could really use some more funny moments to keep the story going but it is in the end, a perfectly well rounded adventure game that has a great story going for it. Recommended for Adventure Game Fans! Reviewed first at:

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Posted by UnknownAlly 9th January, 2009

A uber good review!


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