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Review: Ten Ton Ninja
Author: Rikus
Added: 08/01/2009

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Does it happen to you that sometimes when you really have to go to the bathroom and you are doing something important you end up stalling your bathroom visit until the very last second? Well that happened to me while playing Ten Ton Ninja, a fun new game created by Marc Georgeson. I started up the game thinking I would play it for a couple of levels and play some more later, but I could not put it down for some reason, hens my near bladder explosion.

All ended well. So what is the game about then you might ask? Well this game to my surprise is actually a fun puzzle game. The game play is pretty simple, you are a ninja and you have to collect all the diamonds using your grabbing-hook. You can do so by attaching your hook to special wall-knobs and swinging your cool Little ninja all over the place to collect the diamonds. Once you collect all the diamonds, you move on to the next and harder level. Simple, at first? Sure,hard and addictive later on? Most definitely! Time limits and enemies all start to become part of this wonderful puzzle ninja-world you now have become part of.

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The presentation of the game is very well done and oozes a great -play me now- factor. The music is rocking and all the praise to whoever came up with that catchy tune, it is still in my head right now. I strongly believe that any game should have a professional and easy to use menu and this game has both, it looks great but does not clutter around with unnecessary options you do not need. All is there neatly put out for you.

Before I move on and tell you about the fantastic high score mode and level editor there are a couple of minor coding issues that can hinder your enjoyment, but only by a small portion. When you have had a couple of levels under your belt you start to realize the limitations of your cool grabbing-hook. What i would love to see in a sequel (and please for everything that is right in the world make one) is to have a longer rope to swing with when i am flying in the air and to have a more smoother transition going left and right, when i am trying to catch my diamonds, this is of course nit-picking but it is something that stood out while playing the game.

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Now then, the game has some really neat extras for starters there is the level editor, you can access the level editor from either inside the game or even from windows, the level editor is fairly well programmed and does the job of creating the perfect level, want to build a level with tons of land mines and lasers? Then go for it! Another great extra is the high score system, the game actually saves your score and compares it to players all over the world.

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So what you get with Ten Ton Ninja is a solid puzzle/action game, with a professional presentation and plenty of levels to keep you going for many days. Your bathroom will become very lonely i can tell you that right now. Highly Recommended.

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Posted by Rikus 9th January, 2009

The review now also includes a interview with Marc!


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