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Review: Shift 247
Author: Rikus
Added: 14/05/2002

A commercial klik game hit my mailbox today called: Shifter. The daily click already previewed this game a while back and the concept looked interesting. In this game you have to move a block in a maze from start to finish, but there is a catch of course. The block keeps changing in size! Its a wonderful idea that brings many possibilities and challenges on your path. You can even shoot enemy's by collecting different color bottles. Some bottles help you in your question others work against you. Shifter has a time limit so its important that you get the right bottles. Like there is a bottle that give you greater speed but another block will put you in the wrong direction. All sounds good so far but dark clouds are already forming around this demo version. The first problem i had was with the colors. This is not a fault by addictive 247 the makers of this game but its a fault i think by windows xp. When i started this game i only saw 24 colors, so i could not really judge the graphics. But if you look at these outstanding screen shots taken from the addictive 247 website you will see that the graphics do the game justice. They are amazing. The next problem i have with this demo that its to easy. I completed the game in about 5 minuets, and that's just to short even if it is only just a demo. However the game is addicting and after the last level you feel a bit sad that you can't explore the game any more.  Back to the good things about this game and that would be the music. Its very nice. Its also pleasant to the ears and even if you hear it a couple of times it wont get annoying. The sound effects are nice to witch is always a bonus. The full version will set you back a couple of  pounds. The full version has 27 levels and a save game option. So if you liked the demo you could consider buying the full version. Still the demo is a bit to short to find out what's in store for you in the full version, and i hope they are a bit harder. The idea of shifter is very good and i am recommending everyone to try out the demo, oh and let me know if you can finish it within 4 minuets, i dare you all


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