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Review: Streetwise
Author: AndyUK
Added: 25/10/2008

The game looks wonderful right from the start. It's just what you would expect from Adam, very nice and very cute.
You have to sit through a little story before you get to the main menu, and all though it isn't skippable you can just press the space bar a few times to get past it.

considering it was a last minute entry for the 20 event competition it's very well presented.

Not the game's strength. You basically press the space bar at the right time to progress. There is a timer however which is just tight enough to make the player make a few mistakes, but it's quite easy and really could have done with something more. Surely even with a 20 event limitation something else could have been squeezed in.

pastel colours and cutesy surroundings aplenty. The main character is a face? or something. The game uses the viewport object to achieve a weird affect which does little to the games looks. There is pretty nice variety, you can tell where the effort went. Adam's strength clearly lies in his art. yeah lovely.

Johan Hargne provides a few tunes for his game. It's pretty good (although not his best) and there are even a few sound effects thrown in (keep in mind those take up events too)

Not long at all, you'll probably finish it at least once since its so small. It's short enough that you'll play it again if you stumble across it again but all in all there isn't enough depth to warrant a second playthrough.

Looks nice but has 0 depth.

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Posted by Codemonkey 26th October, 2008

Fair enough I suppose.
Posted by Otter 26th October, 2008

I really agree with your review, the presentation was excellent, but I didn't get much else out of it. No offense intended Adam, it's just how I felt. I like the simplistic view of the game though.
Posted by Marko 27th October, 2008

Good accurate scoring (based on my own opinion!) - -Adam- should be very proud of this review as i think most other people making the same game with the same constraints would only put out a 2/10 game; myself included.
Posted by AndyUK 27th October, 2008

Well since there were no limits to graphics it makes sense to try to score high on graphics.
Posted by AndyUK 1st November, 2008

Actually I think I'm wrong about the view port object aren't I?
Posted by Dr. James MD 4th March, 2009

tbh I'm very surprised this didn't explode.


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