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Review: Pixels and Oversized Guns
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 10/10/2008

Codemonkey has brought us an interesting game called Pixels and Oversized Guns! The good news is that it's fast paced and well coded. The bad news is that 9 out of 10 gamers will never get far enough to get their first gun! This game is INSANELY difficult, and getting out of the first area is so hard that most people will have given up long before they made any real progress.

Gameplay is one of the better aspects of this game. Play control is very solid, and controls feel responsive. And thank goodness for that! There will be bullets coming at you from the left and from the right, bullets being shot downwards at you, land mines on the ground, electric fences, trap doors, and anything else you can think of to ruin your day! For a big portion of the game, you'll just be running for your life. Combat has almost nothing to do with this game, this game is all about waiting for an opening then running like there's no tomorrow! RUN!!!!

The graphics are very simple, but they were done that way intentionally. The game has an old arcade feel to it, and it suits the game well. Sprites are clean and colorful, and serve their purpose. However, you really won't have a chance to actually LOOK at the graphics, you'll be too busy dodging flashy projectiles of death!

I really enjoy this type of music, just good old classic arcade tunes. The music actually fits the game perfectly, with just enough menace in it to remind you that this game hates you. Sound effects are scattered throughout the game, and blend seamlessly with the gameplay.

Lastability? Well that all depends on how much you hate yourself. The game already hates you, so if you enjoy punishing yourself, then you and this game can spend lots of quality time together! However, most people are going to fall into the first room and die before they can even discover that they don't have a weapon yet.

Overall, I can only moderately recommend this game simply because of the brutality of it. When I'd first started, I tried over and over again on the first level until I finally made it past the lazer heads, past the land mine, past the turrets above and to the left, past the springs that bounce you to the top of the room while floating turrets take cheap shots at you, and I thought I was finally in the clear. Then I took one step and the floor fell out from under me and dropped me into an electric trap. I repeat- This game hates you. It's still worth a try, and I LOVE the setup and feel of this game. I really hope that the author will maybe take the edge off of the difficulty, especially for the first portion of the game so that people can have time to enjoy it. Recommended for people who hate themselves.

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Posted by Codemonkey 10th October, 2008

O_O Dang I need to work on the difficulty balancing stuff. Thanks for the review Shroomlock!
Posted by Codemonkey 10th October, 2008

BTW that part where you fall through the floor was pretty funny.
Posted by Marko 10th October, 2008

I liked that part - it got me for the first time after i had already finished that level. Unexpected! Genius!!
Posted by ]Alpha[ 14th October, 2008

I really like Shroom's Reviews.
He's able to point out all the negative stuff of a game, without disrespect the hard work behind it.

I totally agree with him.
Music & Sounds fits perfectly.
I am one of those who shut the game before understand that you don't actually start with a weapon equipped.
Then I read this review and tried again.

The game is nice and the retro taste is quite good, but this game is really hard as hell.
Maybe an "easy" mode could make it enjoyable for all those people who don't really want to die every 5 seconds

Anyway, good job

Posted by Codemonkey 17th October, 2008

Thank you!


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