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Review: Blind NINJA
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 03/10/2008

Here is an interesting puzzle/platformer called Blind Ninja, where you "control" a blind ninja as he navigates levels collecting magical mystery.. greyish.. boxes (that must be important for some reason, but it's never really explained).

You actually play this game using just one button to jump. The blind ninja runs in a straight line until he bumps into an obstacle and turns backwards. Knowing this, you must simply jump, double jump, and wall jump your way through levels to avoid traps while collect squares. The only flaw with the gameplay is a glitch that causes your ninja to sometimes land on on edge, turn backwards, and walk off of it again.

Graphics are simple and pleasant to look at. Colors are soft, and level layout is clean and easy to look at. Some added variety in the levels would have helped spice up the visuals a bit, but they serve their purpose fine for a puzzle game of this sort.

Sounds and music are there, but not by much. There is a nice music track to listen to from level to level, although a bit more variety in music would have helped distinguish one level from the next. There aren't many sound effects, but this is mainly because not much happens other than jumping.

Lastability is surprisingly high for a game with such a simple concept. I played for quite a while and really enjoyed it. There is a map screen, unlimited lives, and enough moves to keep the gameplay interesting.

Overall this is a very enjoyable puzzle game with an endearing main character, a fun and simple concept, and enough strategy to keep you playing for quite a while. I think the game could be expanded upon even more by adding some enemies and way to attack, which would add another element of strategy and timing to your ninja's unstoppable march. Recommended for any platformer/puzzle fan.

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