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Review: Rabbit Stew
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 01/10/2008

Here is a unique little action/puzzle game called Rabbit Stew where you guide a small group of rabbits to the end of each level while avoiding such hazards as wolves, hawks and even farmers packing shotguns. It's an interesting game to play, and it doesn't take long for you to really start feeling like a rabbit on the menu.

Controlling your main rabbit is pretty solid, but can feel a bit slippery at times. Acceleration and deceleration maybe could have been a bit tighter, but I never really blamed the controls for any of my deaths. You can pick up extra rabbits along the way, giving you a better score at the end of each level. However, it gets harder and harder to manage your group when there are more bunnies following you. I can't count the number of times I said to myself "stupid rabbit" while watching one of my team leap into a bear trap that I myself had carefully avoided.

Graphics are clean and colorful, and work very well in this game. There are many elements that decorate each forest level, including bushes, butterflies, and an expansive forest in the distance. There are also several other nice visual effects for powerups, as well as several grisly death scenes for your poor bunnies. Speaking of which, the first time one of those brown wolves came charging across the screen I nearly jumped out of my seat!

Sounds and music were fine, although they are one of the weaker elements of the game. There is music to get you from level to level, although a greater variety of music would have helped. Sounds were also well chosen, even though I recognized some of them from older klik libraries.

This game will keep you entertained for a while, but after a few game overs you'll probably be done. Since this game is a high-score based adventure, you have to start over from the beginning when your lives are gone. For a game this clever, it would have been fun to have a map screen and at least a continue system. A game like this would be a lot of fun if expanded upon.

Overall, this is a very clever and well made adventure game. You don't have any weapons and you don't get any powerups. You just have to survive through levels where everything wants to kill you. It makes me feel really sorry for all the real rabbits out there! This was a very creative and well done effort, and I hope to see a more developed sequel! Highly recommended for any gamer!

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Posted by KNPMASTER 1st October, 2008

another excellent and critical review. I'll keep what you said in mind if I decide to make a sequel.


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