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Review: Back To School v1.0
Author: AndyUK
Added: 30/09/2008

Once you unzip the main folder you're greeted with the default MMF2/TGF2 icon.

Once the game has started you go straight to a jolly little title screen with bouncy paper clips and some options.
For some reason you have to use the mouse to click on the options... I don't know why some people force that upon the player, oh well.
Oh and you have to click to begin the actual level too, after a small story as to why you're jumping about on pencils and rubbers.

As soon as you start playing things get tough, there are some spiky things that kill you on touch (and not just on the pins, anywhere) and another one frantically moving left and right. This is pretty tricky to time but it's not all that difficult to get past. You'll spend most of the time jumping about or falling to your death (well i did anyway). There are one or two different ideas thrown in like blocks that disappear when you stand on them and bouncy rubbers. Nothing ground breaking but it's good fun while it lasts and the levels are quite long.

The graphics are well drawn but a little sparse, (they actually remind me of my older games a bit) i can't really criticize but I can't help but think it looks like a typical click game, windows fonts for the HUD and counters. There is are nice parallax clouds, but why? i thought the game was set in a pencil case or something. lol Yeah it's all good but not great.

Not a lot of either. Actually there was no music that I heard. And about 3 sound effects. The jump sound could get annoying after the 3 thousandth time

Actually could last a long time. Because you die a lot but want to get further to a point. I don't know how many people will give up after dying a few times but i know i wanted to carry on. Level 1 took me a while to pass and i have no idea how many levels there are. Its one of those game you can come back to once you've calmed down a bit lol

Good little game but i wouldn't blame anyone for trying it for a few minutes then throwing it in the recycle bin.

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Posted by JG_INC 1st October, 2008

Thanks, I think that this was a fair review. This was kind of a test to see if I remembered how to make a decent game. I hadn't made a game for a long time, then tried again. Glad to know that there is at least some hope for my next one


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