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Review: The Adventures of Eraser Guy
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 18/07/2008

Here is a game about an Eraser on a mission to navigate levels on a piece of paper, avoiding obstacles with the help of the lines that you draw. You use the arrow keys to move eraser guy, and use the mouse to drawn lines on the page.

The game has a fun feel to it, and everything really looks drawn on paper. This game is actually a bit more fun than some of the other "paper drawing" games I've played, so that speaks highly for it. This game is especially good considering that it's this author's first game.

Gameplay uses a default engine with the acceleration a bit low, so play control can feel a bit sluggish at times but you'll quickly get the hang of it. As long as you plan a simple a clean route for yourself, you shouldn't have any problems. You can sometimes get stuck in your own lines though, so be careful! My only real complaint about the engine is that if you leave the TOP of the screen, you die. Sometimes the flag it near the top of the screen, so you have to make sure you don't use any platforms in upper areas of the screen to get there. This can add a few unfair (and unexpected) deaths to your adventure.

Graphics were simple, but stylish. I enjoyed the look of this game. Eraser Guy is an endearing character. His little legs are even animated as he walks (you just have to look closely)! It would have been nice if the levels had changed colors every once in a while though.

There aren't many sound effects in this game, so the games audio comes mostly from the music, which is an eight second tune that plays over and over again from title screen to the point when you give up. It's cute at first, but more variety in music would have given the levels a lot more personality.

Lastability can be high if you have patience for "trial and error" platformers. There really isn't a plot to drive you forward, and there isn't much to really make you want to play the next level other than the challenge of it. So for some players, the challenge of it and free time on their hands could make this a great game for 10 minutes or so. For others, they may give it up when the game "draws" it's guns.

This would probably be a six under normal circumstances, but it deserves more credit since it was this author's first game. The game shows a lot of potential, including a very likable character and a fun concept. If this idea is expanded upon with more variety in music and graphics, I think this game could really shine. Overall it's a little rough around the edges, but it's a great start for a fun little character, and also a great start for a new game maker. Recommended for puzzle/platformer fans with ten minutes to burn.

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Posted by Jon C-B 18th July, 2008

Thanks! I'll take a 7 any day!
Posted by BeefCake! 1st September, 2008

Nice review Shroomlock! I enjoyed this little game also!


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